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The Green Cone Solar Composter is an innovative tool that greatly reduces the amount of kitchen waste that would end up going into a landfill. It easily and effectively digests and composts all types of food scraps generated by a typical family of four.

This product was recommended to us by one of our customers from Cape Cod, Massachusetts who has been using the Green Cone system for several years with outstanding results. He informed us that one of the greatest things about the Green Cone is that it only needs to be emptied about every two years due to it’s fast and complete decomposition process.

The Green Cone is a four-part injection molded unit comprising a lower basket installed below ground and forming the base for an upper assembly consisting of a black inner cone and a green outer lidded plastic cone. The diameter of the outer Green Cone is 22″ at its base and 11.5″ at the lid end. The in-ground food waste digestion chamber is 17″ deep and the Green Cone stands less than 26″ above the ground.

The Green Cone takes all household food waste, including vegetable scraps, raw and cooked meat or fish, bones, dairy products and other organic kitchen waste e.g. tea bags, bread etc.

The patented design of the unit utilizes a solar heating effect between the inner and outer cones to promote air circulation, which facilitates the growth of beneficial micro-organisms and the desirable aerobic digestion process. The household food waste is converted into water, carbon dioxide and small amount residue that will only need to be removed every few years in a well operating Green Cone.

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