SnappDragon Mailbox Weed Mat


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No more weeds. More time for you.

Tired of trimming around your mailbox every time you mow the lawn? The SnappDragon Mailbox Weed Mat eliminates that chore once and for all. The Weed Mat also serves as a great post protector for your 4×4 mailbox mounting post.

The Weed Mat can be easily installed in two simple steps. Step 1: Open the pre-cut interlocking tabs and simply place around the base of your 4×4 mailbox post. Step 2: Re-attach the interlocking tabs at the back of the post, making a weed & grass-proof seal.

Once installed, you will enjoy years of freedom from the chore of trimming around your mailbox.

  • Eliminates Trimmer Damage to your Post Inexpensive Home/Curb Improvement
  • Works as Custom Base to your Mailbox
  • Eliminates Using Dangerous Chemicals Simplifies Your Mailbox Landscape
  • Domed Surface for Water Run-Off
  • Attractive Natural Green Color UV and Weather Resistant
  • The Mailbox Weed Mat is for use on 4″x4″ mailbox posts and plastic-molded mailbox units that use a 4″x4″ post for mounting.

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