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A Major Step Forward in the Evolution of the Wheelbarrow!

There are two seminal years in the history of the wheelbarrow. In 231 AD, a Chinese General invented it to help his troops move supplies through the mucky soil. Now, almost 1800 years later, the WheelEasy has arrived.

The major advantage of the WheelEasy over a standard wheelbarrow is that you no longer have to lift everything you want to transport up and over the top of a tipsy wheelbarrow, straining your back all the while. Instead, the handles of the Wheeleasy rest comfortably on the ground, allowing you to rake, roll, or slide your payload onto the ground-level canvas barrel. It’s lower center of gravity also means that it is much more stable and easier to maneuver than a wheelbarrow.

Easily move soil, compost, mulch, firewood, rocks, plants, etc.
Designed for heavy duty use and is rated for carrying up to 350 lbs.
Ground level loading means much less stress on your back and legs.
Easy to clean. When you’re done using it, just hose it off and hang it up.
Easy to store and takes up very little storage space. Hangs on a wall.
Easy assembly.
Has a snap-on endgate to help contain contents during transport.
Easy to transport. Take it with you when you go to get your garden supplies.
Attractive natural green color.

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